New Xbox Series X photos finally show what the console looks like in real life

Xbox Series X release date
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Glossy press shots of the Xbox Series X are one thing, but getting to see the console in real life is another. You can start to visualize what it'll look like under your TV for the next three or four years – which is of particular interest with this unusually-proportioned console. 

Earlier this week, new photos of the Xbox Series X were snapped out in the wild at the Xperion e-arena in Germany, and are now doing the rounds. 

While the console is firmly locked away behind glass, making it hard to get an idea of its relative size next to the other items in your living room, we do get a pretty clear look at the console from behind, including two rear USB ports.

Here are the photos (thanks Tweak Town):

As the back of the console says, it's seemingly a prototype. What do you think? Out in the real world, it looks slightly less like the obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and a little more living room-friendly.

We're looking forward to checking it out, even if we won't be playing Halo Infinite on it this year. Still, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a surprise game of the year contender for Xbox – it should look fantastic on the new system. 

What do we know about the Xbox Series X?

We recommend checking out our detailed analysis of the Xbox Series X specs for insight on Microsoft's powerful next-gen console. In terms of games, Microsoft has shown off what appears to be the bulk of its Xbox Series X releases in the near and far future, including a new Forza game, and a long-awaited new entry in the Fable series

This year, it looks like Microsoft will have a leaner line-up, with games like The Medium and Scorn set to debut on Xbox Series X, but no bigger titles following Halo's delay. But given the full backwards compatibility with Xbox One era games and support for the prior console's accessories, among several other perks, it's still got serious value compared to the PS5. 

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