New Google Pixel Watch patent suggests it'll have quick release straps

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Although it doesn't specifically refer to the rumored Pixel Watch, Google has filed a patent that suggests its future smartwatches will have a new system so you can smoothly switch the strap.

Filed by Google and published yesterday (it was spotted by Patently Apple), the new mechanism would allow you to switch bands quickly and easily. That can often be a bit of a hassle on some smartwatches.

It seems the company will be using a series of magnets to allow for the quick attachment and detachment of the band, but it won't be easily shaken off of your wrist either.

If this is true, we may see Google offer a wide variety of styles for the strap on its first homemade smartwatch.

Rumors of a Google Pixel Watch have been building for a while now, but there's no guarantee the below diagrams will be used on the final strap. Often companies patent technology and never end up using it.

In fact, there's no guarantee the Google Pixel Watch itself will ever see the light of day. This patent was filed back near the start of 2017.

Originally, the Pixel Watch was rumored to be released alongside the Pixel 3 but soon after that launch the director of engineering for Wear OS at Google confirmed the company had no plans to make one in 2018.

Whether that will remain the case in 2019 hasn't yet been made clear, but if it does ever come out we may see a device that can quickly and easily switch bands with relatively little effort.

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