Netflix is making a move into quizzes and it's coming soon...

Trivia Quest on Netflix
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Netflix has announced that it will be launching a new quiz show at the start of April. 

The show, which is based on the popular mobile game Trivia Crack, will be titled Trivia Quest and launch on April 1. 

A new episode of Trivia Quest will debut every day during April and you can get a preview of what it will look like below with the show's first trailer. 

What's the format?

Each episode of Trivia Quest will feature 24 questions, 12 in standard mode and 12 in hard mode. These will be spread across an array of categories including sports, science, history, entertainment, art and geography. Each question is multiple-choice, with four potential answers to choose from.

The aim of the game is correctly answering the questions and help free the friends of the protagonist, Willy. 

Willy will task you with rescuing his fellow citizens of Trivia Land, who've been captured and taken hostage by a knowledge-hungry villain by the name of Evil Rocky.

Players will have the option of replaying the quiz and correctly answering questions they may have previously missed to earn extra points. 

Trivia Quest on Netflix

A question on Trivia Quest on Netflix (Image credit: Netflix)

How can I play along? Will I need to use my phone?

You might do, it depends on what TV you've got. 

Netflix's interactive shows are available to play on android phones and tablets; iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, most smart TVs, consoles and web browsers. If you're hovering over a show on the platform and you see a spark symbol in the top-right corner of the listing, that means the option of being interactive is available to you. 

If you watch the streamer through Apple TV, a large proportion of Chromecast devices, browsers using Silverlight, and the Netflix app on Windows, then interactive elements aren't available as yet. 

Netflix provides more information on all of that here. 

Netflix is embracing interactive formats...

Trivia Quest is the second recent foray into trivia-based shows for the streamer after the launcher of Cat Burglar, last month.

Cat Burglar, which was developed by Charlie Brooker, is an old school Hanna-Barbera style cartoon, where the viewer answers questions to help a guard dog named Peanut protect a priceless work of art and a cat burglar named Rowdy to steal it from an art museum. 

It is Brooker's second interactive effort for Netflix, after he pioneered a choose-your-own adventures style experience with his Black Mirror spin-off Bandersnatch. 

As well as Cat Burglar and Trivia Quest, the streamer is also expanding its interactive offering for children, with the likes of The Boss Baby: Get That Baby!, Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama and Minecraft: Story Mode all sitting on the streamer. 

That's alongside series like You vs. Wild, the Bear Grylls-fronted series where viewers are asked to make key decisions to help Grylls survive, thrive and complete missions in the harshest environments on earth.


Black Mirror spin-off Bandersnatch (Image credit: Netflix)

Will we start to see interactive movies on Netflix?

Back when he was promoting Bandersnatch, Charlie Brooker revealed that the one-off had over one trillion story combinations, something that nearly drove him mad. But, given he's made Cat Burglar, it can't have been that bad. 

As to whether it's a format that attracts more established filmmakers, we'll have to see. It sounds like an awful lot of work...

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