Moto G9 Power might have a way bigger battery than we imagined

Moto G8 Power
Moto G8 Power (Image credit: Future)

Motorola's G Power phones are designed to be budget battery champions, easily lasting at least a day (and usually two) between charges, and both of them that have come out so far (the G7 Power and G8 Power) have had 5,000mAh batteries. We'd expected that to be the case with the Moto G9 series equivalent, but we might be wrong about that.

As spotted by RootMyGalaxy, an unspecified phone from Motorola's parent company Lenovo has been passing through several certification boards, including the US' FCC and Europe's EEC. Some information is included in the phone's entries.

They state that the phone will come with a huge 6,000mAh battery - outside of rugged phones, you don't get smartphone batteries bigger than that, and it's way bigger than any of Motorola's other devices. Even if Motorola were to increase the battery capacity, 1,000mAh is quite a jump, more so than we'd expected.

Charging speed is also mentioned - that's only 20W though, which isn't overly fast, and it'll take a while to power up a 6,000mAh battery with that kind of charging.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, the design of this phone is shared, which is why we think it's likely this unspecified Motorola phone is the Moto G9 Power.

Moto G9 Power design

The image below was included with the certification, and based on the design it seems very likely this is a Moto G phone, though of course it won't launch looking exactly like that (Motorola would add its own design flair).

Moto G9 Power design from certification

Moto G9 Power design from certification (Image credit: FCC)

Firstly, the camera bump looks exactly like the one in the Moto G 5G Plus, which was recently launched in the US as the Motorola One 5G. The long, thin shape of the phone in the certification image is also reminiscent of that device.

There's a rear fingerprint sensor here, which many of the Moto G8 phones have, as does the Moto G9 Play. We thought Motorola was moving to use side-mounted scanners in its Moto G9 phones, as the G 5G Plus and Moto G9 Plus use them, but perhaps those are reserved for the top-end members of the line.

Curiously, there seem to be three side buttons on the phone - if you blow the image up pretty large, you can see white blocks on the side, two to the left and one to the right.

Two of these are presumably the power button and volume rocker, but what's the third? It could be a 'do-not-disturb slider' like Apple and OnePlus phones have, or perhaps a dedicated camera shutter button as some Sony Xperia devices have. There's no way of knowing right now.

Due to the phone depicted in the image sharing lots of design traits with previous Moto G phones, we're pretty confident this is one itself, and the large battery size indicates it's likely the Moto G9 Power. Hopefully we'll see a real announcement sometime soon.

Saying that, this could be something totally different, so it's not worth getting your hopes too high just yet. Whenever Motorola makes an official announcement on the subject, we'll let you know.

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