Monitor maker AOC is branching out to gaming keyboards and mice - should the likes of Razer be worried?

AOC Gaming accessories
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AOC are well known for creating some of the best PC displays on the market, with the AOC Agon AG352UCG6 Black Edition holding a spot on our own rundown of the best gaming monitors you can buy. Clearly not just satisfied with selling screens, it's now also expanded into other areas of the PC gaming market usually dominated by the likes of Razer and Corsair with a selection of mechanical keyboards, mice and mouse pads.

This isn't the first step that AOC has taken outside of the realm of monitors, releasing two affordable gaming headsets back in March 2021 - the GH200 and GH300. Cornering the budget section of the PC gaming market appears to be the goal for these latest product lines too, with an intriguing pricepoint across the lineup.

Three keyboards and three gaming mice have been listed alongside a cloth RGB mousepad, with three identifiable tiers. The 700 series is the most expensive and listed as the 'premium' option, with a middling offering of the 500 series and finally down to the wallet-pleasing 200 series. We haven't had the chance to get our hands on any of these products yet, so we'll hold off making any recommendations until we can test them out ourselves.

The AGM700 is a right-handed 16,000 DPI mouse that apparently allows for some customization options with a set of five included 5g weights (much like the Logitech G502 Hero). The accompanying mechanical keyboard in this series, the AGK700 comes with Cherry MX Blue/Red switches, detachable wrist rest, and a USB passthrough.

The AGM700 will be available for £47 (around $65, AU$85) and the AGK700 will retail for £155 (around $220, AU$280). The more affordable GM200 and GM500 have an MSRP of £18 (around $25, AU$32) and £25 (around $35, AU$45) respectively for anyone looking for an entry-level gaming mouse, but only the GM500 is ambidextrous, with the other two models being right-handed only.

The AOC range of gaming peripherals will be available in the UK and some European regions from July 21, though no mention has been made as to when (or if) these peripherals will hit other regions such as the USA or Australia.

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