Telstra pros plan iPad Pro plans

iPad Pro

It may not be the laptop replacement some users dream of, but the iPad Pro is still an impressive device. It's also an expensive one, with outright prices in Australia ranging from $1249 to $1699.

The good news then is that Telstra has just announced a range of plans for the big screen iPad, which make acquiring one significantly more achievable for a large number of people.

Naturally, it will end up costing you significantly more money in the long run, but you will get a heap of data bundled alongside it, so it's not ridiculous.

Pro planning for pros

Plans start at $85 a month over 24 months, which will wrap your hands around a 128GB iPad Pro with 1GB of data every month.

The same tablet will cost $92 a month with 4GB a month, $109 a month with 8GB or $155 a month for 15GB a month.

Telstra will also offer both the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard accessories for $165 and $269 respectively.

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