Retina iPad mini 2 and slimmer iPad 5 look more likely than ever

Retina iPad mini 2 and slimmer iPad 5 look more likely than ever
iPads to the left of me, iPad minis to the right

With just over 24 hours to go until the big iPad event, we think we're on the money in terms of predicting what's coming.

The Wall Street Journal has reaffirmed beliefs that the iPad mini 2 will be going Retina, citing information it has gleaned from the company's parts suppliers.

In the same report it also says that the iPad 5 (or just iPad, as it will probably be named) will arrive lighter and thinner than the current model, and the screen will, cryptically, use "a thin film" instead of glass.

But there are still some naysayers

Since the launch of the original iPad mini, the idea that the second generation would come packing a Retina screen seemed an obvious bet, but some reports over the past few months have claimed otherwise.

Many of these naysayers have said that Apple has been faced with supply chain difficulties and wouldn't be able to get a Retina-packing iPad mini ready for market in time, but the WSJ's report makes it sound as though those woes are a thing of the past.

Only time will tell - and there's not much of it left. We're also expecting to see Apple roll out a new Mac Pro, new MacBook Pros and OS X 10.9 Mavericks tomorrow.

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