With the iPad mini 2 tipped for 2014, might we see an original refresh first?

iPad mini
Will you head to stores for a refreshed mini?

We've already heard from several previous reports that the iPad mini 2 is supposedly delayed until 2014, but new whispers have surfaced about a refreshed version of the current mini for those eager-beaver Apple fiends.

"Industry supply chain sources" tipped DigiTimes off about an updated iPad mini coming in the end of the year.

DigiTimes is prolific with the leaks, but you should keep your salt shaker near by as the publication has a hit-or-miss record.

Since the iPad mini 2 has reportedly been put on the back-burner, this may be a move by Apple to churn out tablets for the holiday season while putting off the real updates for a later time.

Apple loves updates

As reports are pointing that we probably won't see an iPad mini 2 this year but Apple may be updating the specs on the current mini (iPad miniS perhaps?) by making it lighter and thinner in the process and providing an "almost bezel-free look."

Maybe Cupertino will bring about the addition of Retina display on a refreshed mini, or perhaps just save that for the mini 2.

And because these things always seem to come in pairs, DigiTimes included word of the iPad 5, which it said is expected to head into production - in small amounts - starting this month, with "volume shipments" amounting to 2 million to 3 million getting off the ground in August and September.

Come October, the publication's sources expect another ramp up of 25-30 percent.