Photo evidence points to 2GB of RAM in the iPad Air 2

iPad Air
Apple's next slate could be packing a whole lot of power

It looks like the iPad Air 2 might double up to 2GB of RAM, at least if some new photos are to be believed.

The images, shared by Geekbar on Weibo, apparently show a 2GB Elpida RAM module for the iPad Air 2.

Of course a photo of a RAM module doesn't mean it will make its way into the next iPad, we could just as well take a picture of a sandwich and claim that will, but Geekbar reckons it will and it certainly looks a lot like the 1GB Elpida RAM module in the original iPad Air.

Fuel to the fire

This isn't the first time we've heard this rumour either, as back in August supply chain sources claimed as much. It would make a certain amount of sense too, as there's a chance that the iPad Air 2 will support split-screen apps, which it would likely struggle to do on just 1GB of RAM.


So we'd say there's a fair chance of this happening. On the other hand the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both stuck with 1GB (though they don't have a split-screen feature) and although Geekbar revealed the iPhone 6's barometer it doesn't have much of an Apple track record beyond that.

Still, we'll be seeing the iPad Air 2 on October 16, so we should find out for sure soon.

James Rogerson

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