Orange reveals new iPad price plans

Orange reveals new iPad price plans
Cheaper for existing customers

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Following in the footsteps of Three, Orange has now released details on its new iPad pricing and availability.

Apple's new iPad comes packing a stunning retina display, beefed up A5X dual-core processor, quad-core graphics chip and 4G LTE connectivity.

Although we will be unable to reap the benefits of the super-fast 4G capabilities of the new iPad here in the UK, Orange has said it "will allow customers to connect to its fast 3G and 3.5G network with speeds up to 50 percent faster than previously available."

Vital Statistics

Orange will be offering the new iPad on a £25 per month, 24 month contract with an upfront charge. You'll get 1GB of anytime data, 1GB of quiet time data (Midnight-4am) and 'unlimited' (max 10GB per month) data using BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots.

There's good news if you're already an Orange customer as you'll receive a discount on the upfront cost of the new iPad.

Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants existing Orange customers will need to shell out £199, £249 or £349 up front respectively; with new customers being charged £229, £279 or £379 depending on storage size.

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