Lenovo CEO says convertibles will overtake iPad-like tablets

Lenovo CEO says convertibles will overtake iPad-like tablets
Is the love affair with the iPad over? Lenovo thinks so

Consumers will soon be choosing multi-functional convertible PCs over entertainment-focused tablets like the iPad, Lenovo's CEO has predicted.

During a conference call on Thursday, Yang Yuanqing said that more versatile, hybrid laptop/tablet devices like the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga with Windows 8 will soon supersede Apple's traditional slate offerings.

He said the "emotional attachment" to devices like the iPad is falling, evidenced by the "competitor's recent earnings announcement."

It can be presumed, without mentioning any names, Yang was referring to Apple's recent failure to meet Wall Street expectations for iPad sales.

Best of both worlds

Yang reportedly questioned why users would want to buy a tablet when they could have more power, a traditional PC keyboard and operating system, as well as all of the touchscreen entertainment functionality with a convertible.

"I think the market will become more realistic in the future," he said

"I still believe the Yoga type of convertible is more usable, more user-friendly."Definitely that's the better product. That will be the future of the PC."

Apple's tablet market share has fallen to 50 per cent in recent weeks, thanks largely to the launch of affordable Android devices like the Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7.

It will be interesting to see whether the attack of the Windows 8 convertibles can turn the tide further away from the once dominant iPad.

Via PC World

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