iPad mini 2 said to be facing delays, Retina display to blame

iPad Mini 2 facing delays?
A thought for the little guy

The next iPad mini, which is expected to land with Retina display, could be facing production delays.

At least that's the word from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims to be in the know after speaking to supply chain insiders.

The device is facing build issues involving the creation of its 7.9-inch retina display, says Kuo, who reckons that the device won't even go into production before October.

The lack of a Retina display was one of our main criticisms of the current iPad mini, but we've always been confident that we'd see it in the second generation of the tablet, expected to launch later this year.

A mini price tag too?

Kuo goes on to speculate that Apple might be introducing a cheaper iPad mini in the meantime, which is pegged between $199 (around £128 / AUS$192) and $249 (around £160 / AUS$240).

However, this part of Kuo's claim appears to be nothing more than mere speculation, so we're throwing a little more salt on it until we hear something a little more concrete.

But with the iPad mini feeling the growing threat from its (cheaper) Android tablet competitors - and a cheaper iPhone also said to be on the way - it wouldn't be the most surprising move for Cupertino to make in order to stay in the race.

Via AppleInsider

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