Amazon gives the Fire HD 10 a premium makeover and storage boost

Amazon Fire HD 10

At this point Amazon has a sizeable selection of affordable tablets and it's just added even more options to the range, but rather than giving us a whole new slate to play with it's refreshed the big-screen Amazon Fire HD 10.

Now rather than a plastic finish you can get it in an all-metal silver aluminum shell and that still starts at US$229.99, £169.99 (roughly AU$319), just like the white and black plastic options, which remain available too, even though we can't see why anyone would choose them over metal.

The other change is an optional storage boost, with a 64GB model joining the pre-existing 16GB and 32GB versions. That sees the price rise to US$289.99, £229.99 (around AU$402) and is only available with the new all-metal model.

No change on the inside

The change in material should address our issues with the build of the Amazon Fire HD 10, which we found to look cheap and unappealing, but that wasn't the only problem the tablet faced, as while we praised its speakers and price, we found the screen and performance weren't up to scratch.

That hasn't changed with this new version, as other than the storage boost the specs remain the same, so you're looking at a 10.1-inch 800 x 1280 screen, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM.

Still, for those invested in Amazon's ecosystem it could be worth a look, as despite its problems it's the company's biggest slate and it's just got a little bit better, though if you've got the money to spare the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is a better option.

James Rogerson

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