32GB Google Nexus 7 appears online in the US

32GB Google Nexus 7 appears online in the US
Bigger, badder, cheaper

An online retailer in the States has listed the 32GB Google Nexus 7 on its website, with a provisional release date of October 18.

Rumours surrounding a new Nexus 7 model, with bigger storage, have been doing the rounds recently, and more fuel has been added to the fire courtesy of the Staples Advantage website in America.

The site for business users lists the Google Nexus 7 32GB tablet alongside the 8GB and 16GB offerings which are already available, with the new slate sporting a price tag of $248.27 (around £150/AU$240).

Update: UK retailer Argos looks like it will be stocking the Google Nexus 7 in Britain, after a page in its Christmas gift guide was leaked online, revealing the tablet price to be £199.99 - that's a whole 99p more than the 16GB model.

Bigger, yet cheaper

This price makes the 32GB Nexus 7 slightly cheaper than it's 16GB brother, which may indicate that Google is considering ditching it in favour of the newer model.

According to the listing on the website, the rest of the specifications are the same as the other Nexus 7 models, and while there's still no official word from Google or Asus (the manufacturer behind the tablet), the 32GB option is looking ever more likely.

The October 18 shipping date however is less believable, as this would mean it would start shipping tomorrow – highly unlikely as there's not been any official news from Google.

With the Amazon Kindle Fire HD available in a 32GB flavour, and the iPad Mini looking set to be announced next week, Google will be looking to up its game a the budget end of the tablet market to ensure it keeps its dominance.

From TNW and AndroidPolice

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