LG and Intel to team up on 'Moorestown' MID

Intel and LG
Intel and LG

Intel and LG have teamed up to bring a mobile internet device to market featuring a Moblin Linux mobile OS and the next-generation Moorestown mobile hardware.

Intel's Moorestown is already garnering much attention, especially in light of rival Nvidia's Tegra hitting the headlines with a $99 concept MID.

However, Intel are hoping that the prospect of the Moblin OS on an LG handset with its Moorestown chips will steal the attention.

MID potential

"The MID segment will drive growth at LG Electronic," said LG's Executive Vice President.

"We chose Intel's next platform and Moblin-based OS to pursue this segment because of the high performance and Internet compatibility this brings to our service provider customers.

"The collaboration with Intel on the MID platform has been valuable and further extends our long-standing relationship. Our efforts are well on track and we look forward to bringing the MID to market."

System on a chip

The Moorestown technology will incorporate a System on Chip codenamed Lincroft integrating a 45nm Intel Atom processor, graphics, video and memory controller and an input/ouput hub codenamed Langwell.

"LG Electronics makes some of the most innovative computers and smartphones in the world, and is known to be a leading-edge player in every market segment they serve," said Intel's Anand Chandrasekher.

"We look forward to providing them some fantastic Intel products that will deliver the best Internet experience while dramatically reducing power - contributing to the development of ultra sleek devices that offer superb battery life."

3G from Ericsson

The final part of the equation – the 3G capability – will be provided by long-term LG partner Ericsson.

"We are glad that LG Electronics has chosen Ericsson to provide 3G capabilities in its Intel-based MID. We are working with LG and Intel to deliver industry-leading 3G capabilities on the Moorestown MID," said Mats Norin, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Mobile Broadband Modules.

"Ericsson's unparalleled relationships with global service providers will be instrumental as we define plans with LG to take this MID to market across multiple geographies around the world."

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