Microsoft knocks a good chunk off the price of its cheapest Surface Book

Surface Book

If you were thinking about getting yourself a shiny new Surface Book, then now might be the time to finally pull the trigger on your purchase, because Microsoft has lopped an impressive 15% off its cheapest model, leaving the price at £1,104.

On Microsoft's UK store, the base model of the hybrid laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of system RAM and 128GB of storage has been reduced from the usual asking price of £1,299, meaning that you're saving a cool £195.

The good news is that you've got a bit of time to mull over your potential purchase, as the offer runs until October 17 – a week next Monday.

Note that this discount only applies to the cheapest Surface Book, with the other models in the range remaining at their full price.

Shifting Surface

It appears that Microsoft may be getting keener to shift some Surface Book models, as we recently saw another offer for the 2-in-1 bundled with the Xbox One S, although that one was only available to Windows Insiders (i.e. those signed up to beta test Windows 10 – yes, there are perks for doing so).

Those deals offered savings of up to £395, although of course, in that case you were buying two pieces of hardware.

We could speculate that Microsoft is looking to stoke Surface Book sales because they're not at the level they should be. After all, back in June, we saw that the convertible's market share among all Surface devices out there was surprisingly small – in fact the Surface Pro 4 has shifted nine times the amount of units that the Surface Book has.

But then again, the Surface Book is a more niche product due to its cost, and could well have had a much smaller production run than the SP4 – so it would naturally have a slimmer market share. The figures released didn't contain any actual numbers, just relative proportions of devices out there, so any conclusions you can draw are limited.

When it comes to the Surface Book 2, though, as our rumor roundup indicates, the device is likely to cost as much – if not more – than the current incarnation.

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