HP's latest Ultrabook is thinner and more powerful than the MacBook

HP Spectre 13

HP is doubling down on it ultra-thin laptop game. After introducing the stunningly thin EliteBook Folio G1 we didn't think the electronics firm could up come up with anything even smaller, but it has with its latest Spectre 13 Ultrabook.

As a no-nonsense and claimed "world's thinnest laptop," the 13-inch HP Spectre 13 measures in at a scant 0.41-inches (10.4mm). That tops even HP's previous world record holding 0.49-inch thick (12.4mm) EliteBook Folio G1 enterprise Ultrabook. Of course, that in turn means it also decimates the Apple's 0.51-inches (13.1mm) MacBook.

In terms of weight, this new copper toned notebook isn't the lightest device around, as it tips the scales at 2.45 pounds (1.11kg). Comparatively, the EliteBook and MacBook are lighter machines weighing, 2.2 pounds (0.99kg) and 2.03 pounds (0.92kg), respectively.

HP Spectre 13

This is largely thanks to the HP Spectre 13 being powered by Intel Core i5 and i7 processors rather than the Intel Core M-chips inside most ultrathin Ultrabooks today. On the other hand, HP hasn't sacrificed a traditional clicking touch pad and tactile keyboard with 1.3mm of travel in the name of thinness.

Despite needing to pack in a fan, HP claims it has reinventing cooling with Intel to create a hyperbaric chamber system. The new cooling system packs flat inside of the Spectre 13, but it still uses two fans to pulls air through the bottom and pushes it over the processors to vent hot air through the back.

HP also designed all new piston-powered hinges to securely hold the screen up while cleanly retracting into the main body of the laptop. Lastly to keep weight down, HP opted for a carbon fiber bottom while the top lid and keyboard deck are made of CNC'ed aluminum.

Spec-wise, users will be able to outfit the HP Spectre 13 with Intel Core i5 and i7 processor as well as up to 512GB in SSD storage and 8GB of RAM. The only thing users won't be able to upgrade is the vibrant 1080p display, as there are unfortunately no options for a touch panel nor resolutions beyond Full HD.

Bang & Olufsen speakers and three USB Type-C ports found along the rear round out this insanely thin Ultrabook.

The HP Spectre 13 will be available for preorder from Best Buy and directly from HP on April 25 for a starting price of $1,169 (about £822, AU$1,541).

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