Microsoft’s new wireless Xbox One controller has Elite looks at half the price

(Image credit: Xbox)

Anyone who has ever been stuck with a crappy third-rate controller knows a good-feeling peripheral reigns supreme when playing your favorite game.

For those looking for more style out of the default Microsoft Xbox One gamepad but are hesitate to drop triple digits on the ultra-customizable Xbox Elite controller, there's now the Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series.

Inspired by "military technology and performance patterns," the first entry in the new Tech Series – the Recon Tech Special Edition – looks like something Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's own Adam Jensen would take to, with its matted dark grey finish, gold accents, and diamond-patterned rubber grip. 

(Image credit: Xbox)

The Tech Series is more than a pretty picture, as the new controller also boasts all the features that come standard with Xbox's most recent line of pads, such as a 3.5mm jack for headphones, improved wireless and Bluetooth range, and full button remapping via the Xbox Accessories app.

The remapping is especially helpful for Xbox One's newly added Copilot feature, which spans button layouts across multiple controllers to greatly improve accessibility and cooperative play.

The Recon Tech Special Edition controller goes on sale April 25, to the tune of $70/£60/AU$100, making for an especially welcome middle ground for those who want a swankier controller but balked at the Elite's $149/£129/AU$195 price tag.

Parker Wilhelm
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