Mark your calendars for the next Nintendo Switch livestream

Jimmy Fallon isn’t the only person invited to take a look at Nintendo Switch – Nintendo is going to give the whole world an in-depth sneak peek of the system before it launches at March with its live webcast, starting at 11pm ET / 9pm PT on January 12. (That’s 4am BT on January 13 for all you folks overseas.) 

So why is it so late? Nintendo is definitely angling to get as many gamers from its own home country of Japan as it can to tune in. The rest of the world, it figures, won’t mind staying up late to catch a glimpse at its first handheld/home console hybrid.

The livestream is expected to reveal a few key missing details about the Switch, namely what day you can expect to get your hands on it in March 2017 and how much you can expect to spend at checkout. We have our own ideas about the Nintendo Switch price, but we’d like to hear it from Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima’s own mouth.

This event will be the third time Nintendo’s shown off the device publicly – the first being the short, three-minute debut trailer that aired in October and the second being late last week on Jimmy Fallon

The Switch Presentation, as Nintendo’s calling it, will also coincide with a hands on event it’s holding in New York City that same day – which means you should have plenty of juicy Nintendo news to mull over at the start of next year.

Nick Pino

Nick Pino is Managing Editor, TV and AV for TechRadar's sister site, Tom's Guide. Previously, he was the Senior Editor of Home Entertainment at TechRadar, covering TVs, headphones, speakers, video games, VR and streaming devices. He's also written for GamesRadar+, Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer and other outlets over the last decade, and he has a degree in computer science he's not using if anyone wants it.