M1 MacBook deals are cheaper than ever thanks to the Amazon Spring Sale

M1 MacBook deals cheap price Amazon Spring Sale
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M1 MacBook deals have been offering discounts on Apple's most powerful laptop to date for a few months now. However, the Amazon Spring Sale is here to bring those prices all the way down to record low positions this week. That's great news if you've been eyeing up these luxury laptops but waiting for that perfect price. 

The M1 MacBook Air, for example, is available for just £939 this week - a full £60 off where we've only previously seen discounts of between £20 and £50. Not only that, but with the M1 processing chip at the helm you're not skimping on the specs by grabbing the thinner, lighter Air either. 

However, if you're are looking for more powerful M1 MacBook deals, the Amazon Spring Sale is also offering a fantastic discount on the MacBook Pro. The entry level £1,299 model is now available for just £1,152 thanks to a £147 saving. We've been getting used to a £1,199 sales price on this device, so that extra £47 off is making all the difference in these Amazon sales. 

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Amazon Spring Sale: best MacBook deals

Apple MacBook Air M1 (256GB): £999

Apple MacBook Air M1 (256GB): £999 £939 at Amazon
The M1 MacBook Air blew us away with its power on release last year, and you can save a good chunk of change on Apple's most impressive release yet. This configuration offers 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, as well as Apple's excellent M1 processing chip, all for £60 off right now - that's a record low price.

Apple MacBook Pro M1 (256GB): £1,299

Apple MacBook Pro M1 (256GB): £1,299 £1,152 at Amazon
If you're after the full experience, though, the M1 MacBook Pro is only a small bump in price over the Air right now. For £147 off the RRP you're picking up the standard 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD entry-level model for the cheapest it's ever been.

More M1 MacBook deals

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