Loops live on? Vine could get another chance somewhere else

(Image credit: Vine)

Vine may not be dead after all.

After parent company Twitter announced last week that it's put the six-second video service on the chopping block, it appears potentials buyers could keep the service from an early retirement.

Multiple bids for Vine have emerged since Twitter's announcement, possibly setting Vine up for a comeback, sources tell TechCrunch.

While none of the interested buyers were named, one of the bidders is rumored to be Line, the Japanese messaging service and WhatsApp competitor. Line, Vine - makes sense to us!

Picked from the Vine

Sources add that bids still appear to be under $10 million - enough to keep Twitter from outright trashing Vine, but not exactly making it a hot sell.

It's uncertain if Twitter will take back its decision to axe Vine in light of recent interest, or if selling it off will compromise the site's collection of videos, many of which are currently archived by Twitter following Vine's closure, or are linked to tweets on Twitter's eponymous primary service.

If you're worried that your favorite six-second clips won't make it through a buyout, Giphy is offering users a way save their videos as shareable - albeit silent - GIF files.

When reached for comment, a Twitter representative told us that the company doesn't comment on "rumor or speculation."

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