Giphy is offering Vines another place to call home

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Fans of Vine might still be mourning the loss of their favourite short-form video platform, but Giphy has revealed a new tool that might bring them comfort and solace. 

Last week Twitter announced that it was planning to do some weeding and as a result couldn’t allow Vine to continue looping any longer. The video platform had only been around three years, but in this short time it managed to amass a sizable user base with a talent for creating viral 5 second comedy pieces. 

As small comfort, Twitter announced that Vines already uploaded wouldn’t be going anywhere and would be accessible and downloadable via the Vine website. 

Never let go

Now, Giphy is offering another way to let the loop live on with its new Giphy Loves Vine tool. The tool will allow anyone with a Giphy account to transfer their entire Vine library from the Vine website and convert them into infinitely looping and shareable GIFs.

Of course, a great deal of the appeal of Vines is their sound which GIFs unfortunately don’t offer. To access the original Vine, sound and all, users simply have to click on the source for the GIF which will direct them to its place on the official Vine website. 

Giphy has made the entire process incredibly simple; to transfer your Vine library simply visit the Giphy Loves Vine site, log in to your Giphy account, copy and paste the URL of your Vine profile and Giphy will do the rest for you. 

Each Giphy account can only import one Vine library but for users with multiple Vine accounts, Giphy will be able to help if you contact them. 

Emma Boyle

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