LG Wing rotating dual screen smartphone set to land on September 14

Part of LG's event invite (Image credit: LG)

In a bid to revive its slumbering mobile business, LG is unveiling its new smartphone with a unique form factor on September 14. That's expected to be the upcoming LG Wing, that has been rumored and leaked over the last few months.

LG has put out a video invite, which runs for 30 seconds, and there is enough hints in the video that the new device will have dual screen form with a main display that rotates clockwise to make a 'T' shape.

Last week, LG’s upcoming dual screen phone with two screens in a T shape was leaked online, and it suggested an increased convenience of being able to use two screens at the same time.

The Explorer Project

LG has called it the 'Explorer Project', and the new smartphone that will be unveiled will be the first one under this new lineup. 

LG said in a statement, "Explorer Project is both an initiative and a category. It will include devices that deliver distinctive and yet unexplored usability experiences, a strategy that tackles uncharted territory in the industry."

“LG and platform partners feel it is vitally important to demonstrate to consumers new and differentiated user experiences in the smartphone space,” said Morris Lee, president of LG’s Mobile Communications Company. “LG has always been a pioneer in pushing the envelope of smartphone form factors, the only way to bring about much needed innovation in the mobile market.”

Starting with the Velvet project this year, LG has restructured its smartphone lineup drastically. The Explore project marks the second part of LG’s new alignment strategy for smartphones.

Possible specs of the new device

lg wings dual screen smartphone

Leaked "LG Wing" pic (Image credit: Android Authority)

LG is yet to confirm any specifications for the upcoming handset, or whether it'll be called the LG Wing when it's officially unveiled. A previous LG Wing leak had it that the new device will feature a 6.8-inch display and a smaller 4-inch flip-out screen with power coming from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G.

The new smartphone is expected to come with a triple camera setup, with a 64MP main sensor.

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