LG V60 ThinQ reveal slated for IFA 2019 in baffling teaser video

LG V50 ThinQ (Image credit: Future)

LG has been teasing its upcoming dual-screen device, likely the LG V60 ThinQ, for a few weeks now, and we're starting to get a tentative idea of what the phone will look like – despite how confusing LG's teases are.

The company has just posted another teaser video on its Youtube channel, with the title 'Defy Limits with LG Mobile at IFA 2019', which hints at a few features of the new smartphone. However this teaser video may be a little more cryptic than LG intended, so we're left with more questions than answers.

The first image from the video is a needle on a dial going from zero to 180 degrees (with 104 degrees marked at the side, curiously). This would suggest that you can fold the second screen from the first at a straight 180-degree angle, as you can with other LG dual-screen devices.

However the video is captioned 'Life's better when it's 360', and the next graphic shows a dual-screen device opening one way and closing the other, as though the screens start folded on the inside and end folded on the outside.

These two ideas seem to contradict each other – our best interpretation is that the screens sit at 180 degrees when unfolded, but you can fold them with the screens either on the outside or inside. This would give the device an advantage against foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, which can only fold one way.

The second graphic is accompanied by the phrase 'Dual, the Better'. We can only assume this is mistranslated from LG's native Korean, as sometimes company slogans do get lost in translation.

So what do we learn from this video? As well as the potential double-folding feature, a launch date of September 6 is touted, which we already knew from previous teaser trailers. That puts it in prime IFA 2019 territory.

IFA is Europe's biggest consumer tech event, and many smartphone companies launch new products at it; we're expecting LG to be one of these companies, and it's likely the LG V60 ThinQ will be one of the products it launches, along with the LG G8X.

TechRadar is going to be on the ground at the event reporting on all the new products, so stay tuned between September 6 and 11. Before then, check out our IFA 2019 roundup to see what we're expecting.

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