LG Rollable could be the name of LG’s first rollable phone

LG rollable OLED
A rollable LG screen (Image credit: LG)

Evidence that LG has a rollable smartphone in the works is growing, as hot on the heels of a patent for just such a device, it’s now been discovered that the company has recently trademarked the name LG Rollable.

Now, with LG already building rollable TVs the name could apply to one of those instead, but the trademark application – filed with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and spotted by LetsGoDigital – specifically mentions it in relation to smartphones.

It doesn’t say much else, but there is mention of “electronic touch screen pens for smartphones”, which could mean that LG’s first rollable phone will come with a stylus.

On a roll with names

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first name along these lines that LG has trademarked. As GSMArena notes, the company has previously applied to trademark LG The Roll, LG Double Roll, LG Dual Roll, LG Bi-Roll, and LG Roll Canvas, so one of those names might get used instead.

Or maybe none will. As with patents we’re reluctant to read too much into trademarks, but with previous rumors that an LG rollable phone could land as soon as March, the timing of this trademark and the recent patent certainly suggests that the LG Rollable could be on the way.

That said, with LG’s rollable TV costing $87,000 (around £67,000 / AU$123,000), its first rollable phone could make even the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 look cheap.

James Rogerson

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