LG announces huge 4K and 8K TV lineup in 2020 for Australia

LG 2020 TV lineup
(Image credit: LG)

Following on from the reveal of Samsung Australia's 2020 TV range last week, LG has announced its own enormous lineup of televisions for the Aussie market, unveiling a whopping 27 sets in total.

The clear standout amongst the many LG TVs headed Down Under is the OLED88ZX, an 88-inch 8K OLED behemoth with a truly staggering AU$71,999 price point. LG also has a 77-inch model (OLED77ZX) on offer at roughly half the price (AU$35,999) for those getting a fancy telly instead of a new sedan this year.

Of course, with a TV lineup that's 27-deep, there are more than a few affordable options available, including far more reasonably priced sets in LG's NanoCell 8K range, which is essentially the company's high-end LCD offering.

Additionally, the South Korean electronics giant also announced new models in its 4K OLED and OLED Gallery ranges, several new NanoCell 4K TVs and a smattering of televisions in its entry-level UHD 4K range.

In terms of features, the TVs in LG's OLED and NanoCell ranges offer the new Dolby Vision IQ Filmmaker Mode, which is said to show films the way they were intended to be seen by their creators. This includes picture adjustment and the automatic switching off of motion smoothing, which is certainly something we can get behind.

While LG usually reserves its deep, inky blacks for its OLED ranges, the company has included Full Array Dimming across its LED/LCD TVs this year, allowing for near-OLED black levels and more targeted backlighting to specific parts of each display.

You can check out the full list of LG's 2020 televisions below, including pricing and availability.


  • OLED88ZX (AU$71,999) – May 2020
  • OLED77ZX (AU$35,999) – June 2020
  • OLED77GX (AU$11,399) – May 2020
  • OLED65GX (AU$5,999) – April 2020
  • OLED55GX (AU$4,139) – April 2020


  • OLED77CX (AU$10,199) – May 2020 
  • OLED65CX (AU$5,399) – April 2020
  • OLED55CX (AU$3,959) – April 2020
  • OLED65BX (AU$4,799) – April 2020
  • OLED55BX (AU$3,599)  – April 2020

NanoCell 8K

  • 75NANO99 (AU$10,199) – May 2020
  • 65NANO99 (AU$7,199) – June 2020
  • 75NANO95  (AU$7,799) – April 2020
  • 65NANO95  (AU$5,399) – May 2020

NanoCell 4K

  • 86NANO91 (AU$7,439) – April 2020
  • 75NANO91 (AU$5,039) – April 2020
  • 65NANO91 (AU$3,239) – April 2020
  • 75NANO85 (AU$4,199) – September 2020
  • 65NANO86 (AU$2,759) – April 2020
  • 55NANO86 (AU$2,159) – April 2020
  • 65NANO80 (AU$2,279) – April 2020
  • 55NANO80 (AU$1,799) – April 2020


  • 86UN81 (AU$4,869) – April 2020
  • 75UN81 (AU$2,799) – April 2020
  • 65UN73 (AU$1,787) – April 2020
  • 55UN73 (AU$1,459) – April 2020
  • 50UN73 (AU$1,199) – April 2020
  • 43UN73 (AU$1,079) – April 2020
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