iPhone SE (2020) has been officially discontinued - but you can still buy it

iPhone SE 2020
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With the launch of the iPhone SE (2022), Apple secretly bumped off the new mid-range iPhone's popular predecessor, the iPhone SE (2020), relegating it to the records of history... almost.

As can be seen on Apple's website, clicking on 'iPhone SE' no longer leads you to the 2020 model, but to iPhone SE (2022) pre-orders - in fact, the phone has been completely dropped from the fruit brand's online store. 

The only hint it ever existed is in accessory listings, where 'iPhone SE (2nd generation)' is listed in the Compatibility section for certain products.

That's not exactly a surprise, as Apple is prone to canning older iPhones when new ones are announced, though we'd argue that the older iPhone SE should have been kept around as a 4G counterpart to the new 5G model, since connectivity is one of the only changes between them.

However, if you were keen to buy the iPhone SE (2020) and haven't been tempted by the newer model, there are actually ways to still buy it.

How to buy the iPhone SE (2020)

Although Apple no longer stocks the two-year-old iPhone SE, and likely also switched its factories over to making the new one, it's still certainly easy to buy the handset from retailers.

That's because third-party shops still have their inventory of iPhone SE (2020) models to sell off, and depending on how big their stocks are, we could see the handset remain readily available for months to come.

Even once new handsets have been sold off, there will likely be a burgeoning second-hand market for the devices, which is something we've seen for other iPhones in the past. 'Renewed' or 'refreshed' iPhones remain popular, especially from retailers with great services that ensure your second-hand handset feels like a new one.

So don't worry - you haven't missed your chance to buy an iPhone SE (2020). In fact, you can see all the best prices on them right here:

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