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The iPhone 13 was always likely to land in stores in September, as that’s when Apple typically releases its new phones (although last year's iPhone 12 launch and release were pushed back to October by the pandemic). And we now have a prediction for the actual on-sale date, with September 24 possibly being the day you’ll be able to get your hands on the 2021 iPhones.

We’ve arrived at that date based on a claim from Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, who – according to Barron’s – has said that the iPhone 13 range is likely to be announced in the third week of September.

Ives didn’t provide an exact date, but Apple usually holds its launch events on a Tuesday, which would mean an announcement on September 14 – although occasionally it's a Wednesday, so it could be September 15.

Either way, based on Apple’s usual schedule we’d then expect preorders to open on the Friday – September 17 – and then for the release date to be one week later,  which gets us to September 24.

While it’s not clear where Ives got this information from, he’s a respected analyst and likely has sources in the supply chain, so it could well be accurate.

In line with our predictions

These dates make sense too, as Apple usually unveils its new iPhone ranges on either the first or second Tuesday (or occasionally Wednesday) in September, so we’d already narrowed the likely dates down to a few possibilities, and these are among them.

Ives also reiterated previous claims he’s made about the iPhone 13 range, including that there will apparently be a 1TB storage option, and that all four models will get a LiDAR scanner. Notably, another source recently disputed both of these things, so it remains to be seen who’s right here.

The dates above though very likely are right, unless Covid-19 disrupts proceedings again. But reports so far suggest that the iPhone 13 range is on schedule, so September – and probably September 14 or 15 – is looking likely for the announcement.

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