Spotify wants to be 'the OS of music'

Spotify wants to be 'the OS of music'

When Spotify Apps launched late last year, it became clear that Spotify had designs on more than simply streaming music – and now those become clearer as one exec talks about its aim to be "the OS of music".

Sten Garmark, Spotify's director of platform, revealed that users have already spent 1,500 years' worth of time using Spotify apps, which include and SoundDrop.

"We have to turn ourselves into the OS of music," Garmack told The Guardian.

"We are in the middle of a transformation from being an app ourselves to being a platform.


"Everyone has their individual idea for what Spotify should do next, which is why we love music apps," he continued.

"They are important so we can cater to all those needs. And since people are asking us to provide these features, when we do, music will be more valuable to them. They will be more likely to pay, and that makes more money for artists.

"We have tremendous interest in the app platform, so we have built a team and are scaling it up to manage the onslaught of developers who want to work with us.

"It's a curated platform: we want to make sure the content is great, so we're not just letting anyone release anything. We're working with them to make sure it's good. We don't want our users to have crappy experiences with apps."

From The Guardian

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