Intel teases its first dedicated consumer graphics cards coming in 2020

Intel graphics card

Back in June, news emerged that Intel is planning to release its own discrete graphics cards in 2020, and the chip giant has now posted a teaser for these incoming GPUs.

Released to coincide with SIGGRAPH 2018, Intel published the short video clip on Twitter, although it’s really a marketing pitch, and sadly doesn’t reveal any further details about exactly what form these graphics cards will take.

As you can see for yourself below, the video confirms that Intel’s discrete GPUs are still planned for 2020, which is the year “we [Intel] will set our graphics free.”

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What’s interesting here, then, is the importance Intel is putting on these graphics cards, building up hype already, including ending the clip with the phrase: “And that’s just the beginning.”

Yes, you could say that’s just more marketing guff, but it infers that Intel is really serious about building on this incoming line of GPUs, and this is a very big thing for the company.

GPU glimpse

Towards the end of the video, we do actually get to see some glimpses of what is presumably some kind of a prototype (or mock-up) card, which appears to be a single board with a PCIe connector (there’s also a fleeting moment where you get to see a small metal-bladed fan).

As to where Intel’s GPUs will be pitched, as we reported recently, the cards are set to be aimed at both gamers and data centers alike, so there should be consumer and heavyweight models, as is the case with the other big graphics card manufacturers.

One thing is for sure: a third horse in the GPU race will be a welcome in terms of making the arena more competitive, which might have a positive effect on pricing. Particularly if Intel needs to do something compelling on the pricing front to force its way into the market.

As ever, we shall see what unfolds, but it will definitely be good to get a proper look at what Intel is planning, which will hopefully happen sooner rather than later (perhaps at CES 2019, according to the rumor mill).


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