Microsoft has given you another good reason to ditch Chrome

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Google Chrome has an excellent dark mode that makes browsing the web at night more comfortable by reducing glare, but a recent update to the browser means that Microsoft Edge is now a better choice for nocturnal users.

Until recently, Chrome included an experimental feature that allowed you to 'force' dark mode on websites that don't officially support it, changing the color of text, backgrounds and other elements.

However, earlier this month, Google removed this hidden option, possibly because it wasn't satisfied with the effect of how it fundamentally changed the way websites look and could affect the browsing experience.

Google never confirmed that forced dark mode would become a permanent fixture in Chrome, but its removal was bad news for anyone who relied on it to reduce eye strain. However, as smartphone site MobiGyaan has discovered, the option is still present and correct in Microsoft Edge, ready to be toggled with just a few keystrokes and clicks.

Perhaps this isn't surprising. Edge is based on the same engine as Chrome, but the two are developed independently. Sometimes developers from Microsoft share ideas and code with those from Google, but the two are definitely following different paths, and it looks like Edge's one might include more options for people who prefer a darker online experience.

How to use it

To try forced dark mode in Edge, enter edge://flags/#enable-force-dark into the address bar, then use the drop-down menu to change the setting from 'Default' to one of the 'Enabled' options and restart the browser.

Now, whenever you visit a website with a light background (such as TechRadar), the browser will alter is color scheme to feature darker tones. The various 'inversion' options use different techniques to identify the colors that should be changed. Some affect everything on the page, while others don't change the color of images.

It's worth spending a little time experimenting with the different options to see what works best for the sites you use most often.

To revert everything back to its original colors, simply enter edge://flags/#enable-force-dark in the address bar again, and change the setting back to 'Default',

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