How to watch The Umbrella Academy: stream season 2 of the Netflix show from anywhere

 watch The Umbrella Academy online
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The end of the world is nigh - and once again, it's up to the Hargreaves gang to halt the apocalypse. The meddling kids land in 1960s Texas for season 2 of the hit show, where they face a brand new doomsday threat and have just 10 days to save humanity. Read on as we show you how to watch the Umbrella Academy online and stream every episode of the Netflix hit today.

Watch The Umbrella Academy anywhere

The Umbrella Academy season 2 is available to watch internationally on Netflix today. If the new season isn't available in your region, you can always use a VPN to get around geo-blocking. ExpressVPN is the best of the bunch - and you can even get 3-months FREE with this deal.

Spoiler alert: if you haven't watched season 1 of The Umbrella Academy in full, you may find some unwanted surprises below. If that's the case, just scroll down for our spoiler-free guide to watching the show.

That's right, The Umbrella Academy is back for a second run this summer, having debuted on Netflix back in February 2019. It's based on the Dark Horse comic book series of the same name, with the TV adaptation being a collaborative effort from Gabriel Bá, Gerard Way and Steve Blackman.

Season 2 picks up where we left off, with Team Hargreaves travelling back in time to Dallas and reverting to their teenage selves. The entire crew is back, with Ellen Page reprising her role as apparently meek violinist Vanya; Tom Hopper returning as Luther, the group's nominal leader; Misfits actor Robert Sheehan treating us to another turn as flamboyant drug addict Klaus; and Mary J Blige back as Commission assassin and proud sociopath Cha-Cha.

There's also some fresh faces joining the fray this year, with at least three new characters confirmed for The Umbrella Academy season 2: unpredictable Lila (Ritu Arya); devoted husband Raymond (Yusuf Gatewood); and Texas mom Sissy (Marin Ireland).

Not much is known about the trio so far, or how they're connected to the crazy, time-warping Umbrella Academy world. But whatever happens, you can watch The Umbrella Academy season 2 online right now, as its release date on Netflix was Friday, July 31 - just follow our guide below.

How to watch The Umbrella Academy from anywhere

If you find yourself in a country that doesn't let you watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, you can still stream season 2 as if you were at home - and it's easier than you might think.

Using a VPN masks your location from the websites you visit, which not only protects your anonymity and data online, but also allows you to use servers based all over the world. 

When you do so, websites like Netflix will show you region-specific content - so if you're routing your IP address through a country where The Umbrella Academy is available to watch on Netlfix, you'll be able to watch it wherever you are, too.

But which one should you use to give you these new digital superpowers? After extensive testing, we think one option stands head and shoulders above the rest.

ExpressVPN always comes out on top

Whenever it comes to VPNs, ExpressVPN always comes out on top based on our experience. A handy Chrome extension means it's quick to connect to - and if you don't want to watch on your laptop, it's also compatible with a range of streaming devices such as Smart TVs, iOS, Android, PlayStation and Xbox. 

Plus, you're covered even if you just want to watch The Umbrella Academy for a few days, and don't feel the need to keep the service after that. Express offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all its monthly subscriptions - though if you do want to sign up for an annual plan you'll get a 49% discount and 3 months extra FREE.

Once you've activated your ExpressVPN account and downloaded the app, you just select a new country from the list provided. Simply click connect and, like magic, you'll be browsing the web securely and using the IP address that location.

How to watch The Umbrella Academy season 2 on Netflix


The Umbrella Academy is only available on Netflix, so if you're not already a subscriber, you'll want to grab a subscription to catch season 2. Monthly access costs just $8.99 / £8.99 a month, making it a super affordable service compared to some of the more premium TV packages out there these days.

However, if you find yourself in a location not yet served by Netflix, there's still hope. You can watch The Umbrella Academy online by investing in a good VPN and combining this piece of software with a Netflix subscription from the country you want to stream from. 

VPNs offer more than just flexible access to streaming services, however - the other major benefit that they up your security game when you're browsing online, masking your personal data from the websites you visit and thereby helping protect you from unwanted advertising and also cyber crime. 

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