How to watch Tenet online: stream new Christopher Nolan movie from anywhere now

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Of the many 2020 blockbusters hit hard by the coronavirus, few perhaps suffered more so than Christopher Nolan's latest masterpiece, Tenet. Despite being released to widespread critical acclaim, it grossed 'just' $29.5 million at the US box offices as audiences opted to stay home in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. Now though, anyone can feast their eyes on the dazzling sci-fi flick. Here's how to watch Tenet online and stream the new Christopher Nolan movie wherever you are in the world right now.

How to watch Tenet online

Release date: August 26, 2020

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh

Run time: 2 hr 30 min 

Rating: PG-13 (US)

Watch now: buy/rent from $5.99 on Amazon Prime Video and other VOD streaming platforms

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Tenet was nearly two decades in the making, with five years spent on the scriptwriting alone. It stars John David Washington as 'The Protagonist', a CIA agent who finds himself recruited by a secret organization known only as Tenet to stop World War III.

Tenet possess, among other things, the ability to invert the entropy of objects and people - in layman's terms, to go back in time.

Thematically, the distortion of time-flow most obviously reminds of another Nolan masterclass, Inception - and Tenet's stunning ensemble cast also brings to mind the same work.

Alongside John David Washington, Tenet also stars talent young and old in Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, and Kenneth Branagh.

As with most Nolan movies, Tenet has to be seen to be believed, so stop what you're doing now and read on as we explain how to watch Tenet online today.

How to watch Tenet online: stream the movie in countries all over the world


The latest genre-bending movie from director Christopher Nolan, Tenet is now widely available for VOD streaming in countries including the US, UK and Canada.

Where that's the case, Amazon Prime Video will be most people’s first choice as the best known on-demand service with this title. Tenet costs $19.99/£12.99 to buy and is available on both Amazon US and Amazon UK - but you also have the option of renting it just $5.99/£4.99.

It's also now out on Prime Video Australia and Prime Video Canada with similar pricing (AUD$6.99/CAD$4.99 to rent).

Other well-known VOD platforms offering include Vudu in the US, while in the UK you can find it on the Sky Store

However, you still have options available to watch Tenet all around round, even if you're outside your country. To do this, you’ll need one of our best VPNs to get access to the service you'd normally use at home. This is really easy to do - just follow our guide below.

How to watch Tenet from outside your country

Unfortunately, if you’re travelling outside of countries like America or the UK for work or taking a well-deserved vacation, geo-blocking restrictions will prevent you from connecting to your preferred VOD platform and streaming new film Tenet online.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution. Downloading a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will allow you to change your IP address, meaning you can access content that would normally be specifically restricted to your region from wherever you are in the world.

Use a VPN to watch Tenet online from anywhere

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