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Honor's first post-Huawei phone could be coming soon

Honor 9X
The Honor 9X (Image credit: Future)

It's a big year for Honor. The brand was sold by its parent company Huawei in late 2020, and we've been waiting to see the first smartphone the company makes on its own but it sounds like we might have a few more months to wait.

According to Chinese site Tencent News, speaking to insiders, the first Honor phone will launch around July, and it will use the top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset for lots of processing power. 

March is a busy release month in smartphones, so it's notable that Honor's smartphone's release date is later in the year. Apparently, it's this far off because of chipset shortages, something that's affected many other companies too.

The road ahead

This isn't the first information we've heard about upcoming Honor products. Recently we heard information on the brand's first smartwatch and fitness tracker put out under its own power (previously, Honor wearables were effectively rebadged Huawei ones).

It sounds like, in the middle months of 2021, we should see the first tech designed and developed by Honor, including both its wearables and this upcoming smartphone.

Could we see them in the UK and US, though, or just China, where Honor is based? It's hard to say - since the company is, effectively, 'new' again, we could see it stick to China for its first few products as it builds itself up to a global release.

That's just speculation though, and we'll have to wait and see what happens in the future.

Tom Bedford

Staff Writer, Phones

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