Gears Of War film in the works

Gears of War movie details seeping out
Gears of War movie details seeping out

After months of rumour and speculation, the popular third person shooter Gears Of War is getting a cinematic treatment, courtesy of director Len Wiseman.

For those unfamiliar with Wiseman's work, he's responsible for the excreable Underworld series and the actually not bad Die Hard sequel,

Die Hard 4.0


Much-delayed Halo movie

Writing duties go to Chris Morgan. Who? we hear you cry. Well, he wrote Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift and the screenplay to the soon-to-be-summer smash Wanted. He's re-jigging a script that was written by Stuart Beattie, who penned the upcoming GI Joe movie and is even lending a hand to the much-delayed Halo movie.

The film is being produced by a slimlined New Line Cinema who have the rights to a Gear Of War movie. Len Wiseman was poised to be director of the film over a year ago, but it's taken up until now to get his name signed on the dotted line.

So, to kick off the speculation here: who do you think will play Marcus Fenix? TechRadar likes the idea of Bruce Willis. He's worked with Wiseman before on Die Hard 4.0 and has got the 'don't mess with me' face that Fenix has and needs. But then again, so has Mo from EastEnders.

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