HDR 10 and Hybrid Log Gamma come to new Sony TV sets

As the format grows, there are more forms of HDR in the latest and greatest new TVs than you can shake a stick at. And Sony today has announced three new ranges to take advantage of just that.

First up at the top end of the scale is the 4K-ready XF75. Set to be available in 43, 49, 55 and 65-inch screen sizes, it supports both HDR 10 and Hybrid Log Gamma HDR formats, and makes use of the 4K X-Reality Pro image processing unit to upscale lower resolution footage as best as possible. As an Android TV set, it also offers voice control functionality, letting you access all manner of smart TV streaming apps with just a word.

The XF70 follows the flagship with HDR smarts (though no mention of whether it's HDR 10 or Hybrid Log Gamma being defined), with equal access to smart TV apps and a stand that doubles up as a cable tidy. It's available in the same four sizes, too.

Bigger is better

If 65-inches sounds too small for your mansion, you can also check out Sony's XF83. Also a 4K-enabled and HDR-supporting set, it stretches up to 70-inches as well as being available at 60-inches, with voice control and the X1 processor.

As ever, Sony has yet to announce pricing details for the new screens, but has stated that all will hit stores in the Spring.

Gerald Lynch

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