Got a gift card and don't know how to use it? Just buy this RGB RAM from Newegg

(Image credit: SK Hynix; V-Color; Future)

The holidays are here, which means there are probably copious amounts of gift cards that are circulating. If you're a computing addict and you need a cheap thing you can spend that on, we found a 16GB kit of RGB RAM from SK Hynix that might be worth a look.

Right now at Newegg, you can pick up a 16GB kit of V-color Prism Plus RAM from SK Hynix with a rated speed of 3,200 MHz for just $58. We've seen other 16GB kits of RAM at this price, but none that are this fast. 

SK Hynix V-Color Prism Plus | 16GB | 3,200MHz$160

SK Hynix V-Color Prism Plus | 16GB | 3,200MHz: $160 $58 at Newegg
f you're after some speedy RAM with an RGB twist, this colorful RAM from SK Hynix is an awesome pick. Not only is it capacious at 16GB but at 3,200MHz it's more than fast enough for anything you can throw at it. Plus, at $58 it's a great bargain.

This is an especially big deal if you've got a computer rocking an AMD Ryzen processor, as Team Red's silicon simply loves fast RAM. Even if you already have a 16GB kit of RAM in your computer, the bump in speed may well be worth it, especially for less than the cost of a AAA PC game.

Even if your PC is completely full of RAM, we're sure we're going to be seeing plenty of other PC components and accessories go on sale to soak up all those gift cards, so be sure to stay tuned to TechRadar and we'll point you in the right direction. 

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