GoPro Max new update adds handy new shooting modes

(Image credit: TechRadar)

The GoPro Max was unveiled last year alongside the GoPro Hero 8 as an accessible 360 camera for the masses. A new update has started rolling out for it, which adds a couple of useful shooting modes.

The GoPro Max was basically like two action cameras fused into one for shooting spherical content while retaining the entire functionality of the Hero 8. It could shoot 360 videos in a resolution of 5.6K at 30fps with innovative features such as reframing, horizon levelling and HyperSmooth stabilisation. A new firmware update makes it a much more versatile action camera.

The biggest new feature is the ability to record slow-motion footage in 360, which wasn’t previously available. Videos can now be recorded in 3K resolution at 60fps, giving users the ability to not only recompose the shot but also slow it down by 2x. This was one of the most requested features.

Time-lapse video and time-lapse photo can now also be shot in the 360 mode, allowing for very creative clips with ample interval options. Users can also extract a single frame out of the video as a still image. This also enables hands-free shooting.

Horizon Levelling, which was one of the flagship features of the GoPro Max, is now also available as a toggle for TimeWarp video and photos while shooting in the single-lens “Hero” mode. With this, users can ensure that the resultant images are straight irrespective of how the camera was mounted.

The GoPro app is an integral part of the Max experience, which not only allows for easy offloading but also editing videos. With the new update, users transfer clips to their phones up to 25% faster while on a 5GHz WiFi connection.

The GoPro app version 6.12 is now available for all users on the Playstore and the App Store. To update your GoPro Max, keep it adequately charged and connect it to the companion device. The camera may heat up during the process. Once updated, you will find the new features added to the interface.

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