Get unlimited data and £100 cashback with these cheap Samsung Galaxy S21 deals

Samsung Galaxy 21 deals
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Samsung Galaxy S21 deals have come down in price considerably since they first launched back in January this year. However, out of all of the contracts we've seen on this device, iD Mobile's latest offer is easily one of the best.

iD Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy S21 for just £34.99 a month. That's one of the cheapest prices on the market right now for this device. Despite that low price point, iD is supplying a completely unlimited data, calls and texts plan.

Reducing that price even further, Samsung is currently offering £100 in cashback when you purchase this device. That effectively brings the cost of this device down to around £30.82 a month. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals + £100 cashback


Samsung Galaxy S21: at iD mobile | FREE upfront | unlimited data, calls and texts | £34.99pm
Right now this is easily the best price available for the Samsung Galaxy S21. With nothing to pay upfront and only £34.99 a month bills, this stands out as one of the cheapest prices for the handset. And yet, iD Mobile is getting you a completely unlimited data, calls and texts plan on a 5G network. On top of all of that, Samsung is offering £100 in cashback on this handset right now, effectively bringing your monthly bills down to around £30.82 a month.

What's the Samsung Galaxy S21 range like?

Samsung Galaxy S21:
The cheapest of the three handsets in Samsung's flagship series, the S21 is a 5G handset at a price that rivals the iPhone 12 and is much cheaper than the S20 was on launch.

Despite that lower price tag, you're getting Samsung's new Exynos 2100 processor. That's a super-powerful chip powering Samsung's already impressive camera software and operating system.

The camera is an incremental upgrade on what the S20 provided, boosting the 8K video software, super steady video, and an improved 60fps 'Director's View'. Thanks to the new processor, the camera's AI software is working better than ever.

However, Samsung hasn't managed to improve the battery capacity which could prove a problem with all of this new software.

Is iD Mobile a good network?

iD Mobile doesn't quite have the name recognition of Three or EE, but it's actually Carphone Warehouse's very own network. It specialises in affordable plans and while it normally offers smaller data plans for low costs, it has gone all out for this unlimited data offer.

iD piggybacks off the Three network. This means you'll get exactly the same speeds, coverage and reach that is offered by Three.

On top of this, there is the obvious benefits of the 1-month rolling contracts on certain plans, use of tethering, unlimited calls and texts and roaming in 50 destinations across the world.

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