Get ready for PS5 with the latest PS4 controller and game deals from Walmart

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The PS5 is on its way, so be sure to study up with the latest cheap PS4 games and controller deals from Walmart. We're seeing some fantastic discounts on the latest PS4 games and a wide range of DualShock 4 colors right now, making it a great time to get some cheap gaming in before the rise of next-gen. 

You'll find cheap PS4 controller deals starting at just $41.99 this week, and these savings stick across a range of color and camo editions. But now you need something to play. Walmart has you covered for that - it's latest PS4 game deals are cutting the standard prices of a range of titles down to the cheap positions we'd expect at this point in the console's life cycle. That means cheap PS4 games abound - an excellent opportunity to pick up anything you might have missed. 

If you're concerned about the rising PS5 price, you'll want to make the most of your PS4 console before the new version lands in 2020. Whether you plan on being at the front of the PS5 pre-order queue, or if you're going to stick it out until that cost comes down slightly, there's plenty to take advantage of in the latest cheap PS4 controller and games deals. 

Not in the US? You'll still find plenty of PS4 deals where you are. Scroll down to find the best PS4 game deals and cheap PS4 controllers where you are.

Cheap PS4 controller deals

Dualshock 4 PS4 Controller | Various colors | From $41.99 at Walmart

Dualshock 4 PS4 Controller | Various colors | From $41.99 at Walmart
Walmart has cut the price on much of its stock of cheap PS4 controllers, making now an excellent time to grab a replacement or spare gamepad. The cheapest at the moment is the Crystal model for $41.99.

PS4 Move Motion Controller | $67.64

PS4 Move Motion Controller | $67.64 $54.99 at Walmart
If you've just picked up a PSVR, or perhaps Dreams, you'll want to take advantage of this Move Motion controller deal. You're saving $13 on an essential piece of kit for these two PS4 uses, and since the PSVR came onto the scene discounted prices have certainly been rare.

Cheap PS4 games deals

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | $59.99

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | $59.99 $39.99 at Walmart
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an incredibly popular PS4 game, so seeing it discounted is a little surprising. We're not complaining though, a $20 saving on the latest Star Wars game is always going to go down well.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | $59.99

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare | $59.99 $49.04 at Walmart
You're saving $10 on the latest Call of Duty title this week at Walmart - a great price considering these flagship titles rarely see significant sales until much later in the year.

Borderlands 3 | $44.99

Borderlands 3 | $44.99 $23.20 at Walmart
Borderlands 3 has yo-yo'd in price over the last few weeks, but you'll find it nestled at $23.20 this week at Walmart. The long-awaited release has certainly delighted its fans since it went gold last year, and the savings continue to come.

Madden NFL 20 | $59.99

Madden NFL 20 | $59.99 $25 at Walmart
Missing Super Bowl action? Get back in the game with Madden NFL 20 - and feel even better about doing so when it's more than half off at Walmart. Even if you've never tried your hand at digital football, this is a great starter price to pick up the game risk-free.