Wii MotionPlus: full, instant 1:1 tracking

1:1 motion control tracking soon available with Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus
1:1 motion control tracking soon available with Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus

The future of Wii gaming just got a whole lot brighter, with motion control middleware specialists AiLive, a company that collaborated with Nintendo to develop the new MotionPlus controller add-on, launching a new demo showing off LiveMove2 - impressive new set of 3D tools that allows full, instant 1:1 motion control tracking.

If you need to know more, or need convincing that it is actually possible, then you can see a video demo over on AiLive's website, where they show off how a lightsaber actually will work with the new Wiimote add-on.

AiLive also demo how the 'snap-to-fit' tech can map incredibly complex motions to more specific commands, so "that way everyone can end up feeling like the next Zorro!"

Impressive 3D mo-control

The company claims that: "LiveMove 2 can knock at least six months off the time required to integrate the basic functionality of the new device into your game. For advanced use, you simply won't find anything else like it!"

The main new features offered in this impressive set of 3D motion-control tools are as follows:

* – Fully supports the Wii MotionPlus;
* – 1:1 tracking of both position and orientation;
* – Snap-to-fit extends tracking indefinitely, allows chaining of moves
and can instantly map player movements to in-game animations;
* – Even easier to use, with a more intuitive GUI and improved debugging facilities;
* – Classification of two-handed, coordinated motions;
* – Classification can use additional MotionPlus data to improve performance.
* – LiveMove 2 games can recognize any motions;
* – LiveMove 2 automatically recognizes the motions you define;
* – The recognition is accurate across different users;
* – You can create accurate button-based or buttonless classifiers with no coding;
* – Classification is available any time with zero lag;
* – There are tools to help synchronize the player's motion with the on-screen action.

Adam Hartley