A web extension allows you to listen to Nintendo's Wii Shop music as you browse

Wii Shop extension on Google Chrome
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If you're still longing for the days of the Nintendo Wii's Shop Channel, or you have the iconic tune stored in your music app as you walk through a shopping mall, you can experience the same track and others in your web browser thanks to a web extension.

Found on GitHub and compatible with the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers, the extension plays one of the iconic tracks whenever you're on a shopping site such as Amazon.

The extension, which adds a little shopping bag icon in the address bar, doesn't stop with Wii shop music - themes from Wii Home, Wii U eShop, DSi Shop, and 3DS eShop can all be selected instead.

However, Nintendo will most likely be looking to take this down soon, as the music is the property of the company. If you want these music tracks to play as you browse Amazon, be quick.

How to get the best out of the extension

Even though the developer states that the extension will start playing music when you're on a shopping website, you can still enable a track to play on virtually any website.

Go to the extension's shopping bag icon, and after a few seconds, the selected track will play as you're browsing Facebook or solving the latest Wordle puzzle.

Wii Shop extension in Google Chrome

(Image credit: Future)

We should mention that the extension works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, as they run from certain web engines that help to display websites and play media content.

For Chrome it's Blink, while Firefox runs in a Gecko web engine.

But other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Opera run on the same engine as Google Chrome, which means the Wii Shop extension will be able to work on these web browsers, even if its' not officially supported by the developer.

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