Want the PlayStation VR launch bundle? Here's when you can pre-order it

PlayStation VR's launch bundle is ready for pre-order

Hot off announcing the release window and price for PlayStation VR this week, Sony has also revealed a special launch bundle for those wanting to get the most out of its virtual reality venture.

For $499/CAD$699, the launch bundle will combine the core PS VR kit - containing all the essential components such as the headset, cables, and demo disc - with a PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, and PlayStation VR WORLDS, one of the system's launch games.

Available only for pre-sale, interested buyers can put money down on 7:00am PT/10am ET/2pm GMT on Tuesday, March 22 at participating retailers. Sony has promised that a second run of bundles will be available in the summer, should you find yourself slow to the draw.

It's also worth noting that as of now, the launch bundle is the only way to reserve a PS VR. Additionally, no details about pricing or availability in the UK or Australia have been given.

Two controllers, a camera, and a launch game for just $100 more than the price of the headset core bundle is a pretty sweet deal, but those who'd rather stick to the basics - or already have some spare cameras and controllers lying about - can still pick up the headset on its own for $399/CAD$549 when it launches in October.

Parker Wilhelm
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