UK gamers miss out on Xbox treats

UK gamers have missed out again

Xbox Live has turned ten and Microsoft is giving some gamers special edition consoles to celebrate; but UK Xbox fans should stand down as the custom consoles aren't making it across the pond.

The offer is being extended to selected long-term Xbox Live loyalists as part of the service's 10-year anniversar.

Lucky gamers will receive a special edition Xbox Live system featuring a unique grey-green-orange colour scheme, as well as a free one-year subscription to its online gaming service.

Discounted titles

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the offer was exclusively for selected customers in the US.

British gamers will, however, be able to access discounted titles in the Games Marketplace. Titles like Fruit Ninja Kinect and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Yes, we can barely contain ourselves too.

And if the likes of Castle Crashers, Full House Poker and Peggle aren't enough to sway you, perhaps the fact they've been given a 50 per cent discount will win you over.

Castle Crashers can now be picked up for 600 points (roughly a fiver), whereas the excitingly-named Geometry Wars can be picked up for 200 points - just £1.71 in real money. That's less than a sandwich.

The discount only lasts a until November 22 so if you're desperate to get your hands on these titles, best head over to the Games Marketplace before it's too late.