The Sims remade in the style of Pokémon is both wonderful and sad

Pokemon Sims

Sometimes you come across a video game mashup so perfect it makes you question why anyone let Mario and Sonic compete in the Olympic Games. Pokémon Sims is an example of such a game - the chocolate and peanut butter of video games, if you will.

The concept comes from the brain of YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer (thanks Kotaku) and mixes the graphic style of the older Pokémon games with the gameplay of The Sims.

It's a little difficult to describe, so watch the video below for yourself before you decide that - yes, like us, this is a game you would very much like to play (Spoiler: Red dies a fiery death and Pikachu cries at his graveside and it's really sad). But please, nobody tell Gamefreak.

Hugh Langley

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