The next big PC game may come from ... Amazon?

Amazon Game Studios PC gaming

Amazon Game Studios is assembling a crack team of developers to work on what it's calling an "ambitious new PC game project."

This unknown PC title will be Amazon's first entry into the genre. The studio's primary focus until this point has been publishing high-quality, pay-to-play mobile games. Its latest release, a horror game called Til Morning's Light, stands as a particularly impressive example in mobile gaming.

Amazon detailed the high-profile development team it's putting together in a post to Gamasutra. Notable names include Clint Hocking, designer of the effervescent Far Cry, and Kim Swift, designer of the legendary game Portal. The team also includes developers who have worked on heavyweight game titles, including World of Warcraft, BioShock, Halo and The Last of Us.

Also in the post, Amazon says it's committed to "building great teams who are excited to use Twitch, the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud, and technical innovation to radically evolve gameplay." Amazon acquired the game-streaming service Twitch last year for just shy of a billion dollars, indicating that Amazon has big plans in mind for the software.

Amazon Game Studios says it's "looking to take risks, and invent" and is seeking more interested people to join its team. Maybe the next big PC gaming release will indeed come at the hands of Amazon?

Lead image credit: Amazon Game Studio

Via The Verge