Sony says PS3 sales way ahead of target

Sales of the PS3 are apparently better than Sony had forecast

The business of selling games consoles is so much about projecting confidence and inspiring gamers to invest in a particular platform it's no surprise to see Sony continuing to talk up its hardware.

In spite of the recent news that Microsoft's Xbox 360 has overtaken the PS3 in the key battleground of Japan, Sony's Jack Tretton says it and the PSP are selling far better than planned.

Ahead of the game

In fact, the CEO of SCEA says sales of the PlayStation models are 30 per cent ahead of what Sony had anticipated.

Tretton explained: "We are tracking at 100 per cent up over last year ... about 30 per cent ahead of where we should be. So sales could slow down and we will still hit our number."

It's the economy, stupid

He believes the inclusion of a Blu-ray player in the PS3 has made it an attractive proposition and also that economic hard times have also made it a good prospect:

"I think people are going to question every dollar that they spend, but they are going to look for value in return. The entertainment value ... with PlayStation 3 compares very favourably to other entertainment choices."

In other words, it might be expensive, but the PS3 will keep you stuck in front of the telly and away from the hideously costly real world longer than any rivals can. We think we see what he means.

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