Metal Gear Solid 4 storms games charts

GTA IV criticised by The Sun this week for featuring a 'perv site'
GTA IV criticised by The Sun this week for featuring a 'perv site'

Konami’s much-anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots has stormed the top of the UK games charts this week, becoming the second fastest-selling PS3 release ever.

MGS4 knocks LEGO Indiana Jones off the top spot, while Grand Theft Auto 4 slips down to number three – though Rockstar’s magnum opus still holds the honour of being the fastest-selling PS3 game to date.

In the first of a number of anti-gaming stories in this week's national press, The Sun claimed this week that 'Grand Theft Auto has spoof perv site'

"The fake site – – displays a message from virtual authorities stating that it has been closed down. This message warns that anyone caught looking at the site will be investigated and it also features the warning: 'We see it all, we know it all'," writes The Sun's gaming correspondent, Jonathan Weinberg.

TechRadar expects a response from GTA4 developers at Rockstar to this slightly worrying piece of alarmist and sensationalist tabloid coverage shortly.

Indy continues to sell

LEGO Indiana Jones continues to sell well this week, following the release of the PSP version combined with healthy sales of the Nintendo DS version.

Sega’s Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games coasts along, sticking at the number four slot this week, while perennial DS favourite Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training jumps back up from twelfth to fifth place, following a successful Father’s Day promotion.

Nintendo’s Wii Fit also re-enters the chart this week, back in at number ten thanks to Nintendo finally managing to get some new stock in stores.

Wii Fit causes £20m damage

The Telegraph claims that Wii Fit is responsible for £20 million worth of damage to UK homes this week, though apparently doesn't seem to base this story on anything so prosaic as facts and research!

Here’s the full top ten all formats UK game chart, for week ending June 14th:

1) Metal Gear Solid 4 – Konami

2) LEGO Indiana Jones – LucasArts

3) Grand Theft Auto – Rockstar

4) Mario & Sonic – Sega

5) Brain Training – Nintendo

6) Race Driver GRID – Codemasters

7) Wii Play – Nintendo

8) Sports Island – Konami

9) Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution – 2K Games

10) Wii Fit - Nintendo

Adam Hartley