Kanye West is making a video game about his mom

Kanye's Game

Move over Mike Bithell, there's a new face of indie games - Kanye West. The rapper has announced that he has been working on a video game called Only One, after a song he co-wrote with Paul McCartney.

So what's the game about? Well, you might expect a rapper to come up with something like Saint's Row - a series that has almost enough bombast to match West's ego - but instead it is about something sweeter. According to Kotaku, it's a game about his mom ascending to the gates of heaven.

Donda West, died in 2007 of heart disease, following surgery. Here's the trailer:

The game was a surprise reveal at "Yeezy Season 3", the launch event for both his new album and his new fashion line. Because that is the sort of thing that happens in his life.

Mixed reaction

Sadly it isn't clear exactly what the game will entail, who is developing it, nor what platforms it will appear on or when it will be released. But reaction on Twitter so far has been surprisingly positive - with users putting aside their expected cynicism and instead remarking on what a warm gesture making the game is.

"Kanye made a video game of his mom going to heaven. that's love. weird. but love nonetheless", observed one commentator.

One user said "Kanye's video game trailer was weird but it also made me tear up."

"Kanye can be a douchebag, but the love he has for his mother is cute. making a video game about her is a weird but a loving gesture", another added.

Though obviously, some other Twitter users are keen to speculate on what the game will actually contain:

"Just saw the new #Kanye video game trailer. What's the odd's that when you get to heaven, god greets you - and it's Yeezy himself". We can't wait to give it a try.