Intel invests in HDTV cloud gaming service

Intel drops half a million US dollars into new cloud gaming service
Intel drops half a million US dollars into new cloud gaming service

Intel has invested half a million US dollars in a new high definition games-on-demand service called due to launch in spring 2010. is developed Canada's TransGaming, with the new cloud gaming service to offer instant high-def gaming on-demand via Intel CE Media Processor-powered TVs and set-top boxes.

"Innovation is at the heart of TransGaming's Service which represents the culmination of technology, user experience, and the economic model required to realise sustainable innovation in the digital home," commented Vikas Gupta, CEO of TransGaming.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Intel on this important and exciting initiative. We are driving new monetisation models for content developers, OEMs, and operators around the world."

Cutting publisher deals

TransGaming is currently cutting deals with games publishers and content creators to offer games for rental or for sale. The company is already working with Ubisoft and EA and a number of other major publishers and is also looking into possible subscription 'all the games you can eat' style deals.

Eric Kim, Senior VP of the Intel Digital Home Group added: "The GameTree.TV service provides the platform to bring PC games to TV, which in turn offers new opportunities to the consumer electronics industry.

"Consumers will ultimately benefit from this innovation, as they will enjoy a broad library of games in their living room."

The service will be going up against a number of other cloud gaming services hoping to take a slice of this burgeoning market such as David Perry's GaiKai, Playcast Media and OnLive.

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Adam Hartley